Building with GenAI #3

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

Building with GenAI

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

New features and learnings from the team at Quivr and news from across the exciting world of Generative AI.

Last week at Quivr

  • Last week in Numbers

    • GitHub Trending n*1 for 4 days 🙌

    • 8k stars in a week

    • 1000 active users per day

    • 3 releases

    • 10 contributors

  • New Features and Improvements

    • You can now share brains with other users!

This is a huge feature, and thank you to the team for getting it over the line 😍

Demo: - Source Code: GitHub

Quivr is sponsored by Theodo, Aleios, Padok, Sicara and BAM. Resources are shared by these companies to work on the project. Outside contributions are always welcome and we have a growing network of active contributors.

New Open Source Announcement 🎉

Code Review GPT - AI Code Reviewer

Improve code quality and catch bugs before you break production 🚀

  • It saves us time in code reviews by spotting bugs

  • Improves code quality by suggesting style changes

  • Add the tool to your repositories!

  • npm i code-review-gpt && npx code-review-gpt 

Give the repo a star ⭐️ if you like it 🙌

Learnings from the week

  • Stan - Sensei: DB migrations are tricky. We made a migration that made our database explode 🤯 and had to delete some vectors in our demo DB [tweet]. Now I’m a Supabase contributor because I had to use a feature that should never be used 🤷‍♂️

  • Zineb - Chief Dev: Releasing to prod 4 times a week is a big challenge. Embrace LEAN dev practises 🏃🏼‍♀️. Slowly but surely getting closer to our release goal with a 0 bug policy.

  • Mamadou - Frontend Wizard: Custom hooks are reducing overhead in our development 🪝 They have helped us separate pure UI code from functions and have made our frontend easier to test 🧪

  • Matt - Backend Dude: Building out private LLMs has a bunch of unique challenges. We are essentially building a scaled-down private cloud for our users 🫣 Setting the right domains is going to be key to ensuring our success in building a multi-tenancy 👀

  • Chloe - Product Maestro: It’s essential to convey Quivr’s value clearly! We need to work on both features and the presentation of those features ⚖️ One cannot succeed without the other! We're also working on improving our efficiency in meetings and staying focused on providing value 🚀

  • Brian - Methodology King: You miss what you have when it’s gone! High deployment velocity is important to maintain a healthy product and we broke that this week with the database issues 😬 This is the feature flow from idea conception, tickets for dev, to validation and releases to production ⏳

  • Daniel - Feedback Warrior: Google blocked my email account, due to sending 500 daily emails for a Quivr survey 😔 The incident highlighted the need for a dedicated CRM, strict user consent, and adherence to platform policies for efficient community outreach 🤝

Jump over to Quivr to chat with your second brain for free 🧐 Head to GitHub for the code and give the repo a star ⭐️ while you’re there 🙏

News from the World of Gen AI

  • 🎉 Huge news that Meta just released Llama 2! Their next generation of open source large language model. Llama 2 is free for research and commercial use.

  • 🧐 Worryingly GPT-4 is getting worse not better over time. Here is the link to the research paper which explains it in detail.

  • 🧪 Langchain just announced LangSmith: a unified platform for debugging, testing, evaluating, and monitoring your LLM applications. We use it on the Quivr demo and it is really bridging the gap to help create production apps.

  • 🛠️ Last but not least, go check out our new tool: Code-Review-GPT. Super useful for building fast and following Lean software principles.

If you like Quivr and you want to build GenAI-powered apps for yourself or your company, feel free to get in touch.
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