Building with Gen AI #1

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

Welcome to the first Building with Gen AI newsletter!

Here we will discuss the new features and learnings from the team at Quivr as well as news from across the exciting world of Generative AI.

Quivr is sponsored by Theodo, Aleios, Padok and BAM. Resources are shared from these companies to work on the project. Outside contributions are always welcome and we have a growing network of active contributors.

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Quivr Changelog

Quivr Changelog

This Week in Numbers

  • 12 Releases: v0.0.18 to v0.0.29

  • 9 active Contributors this week

  • 1800 new users

  • 6.2k Questions asked

  • 9k Files Uploaded

New Features and Improvements

  • Multiple brains - Users can create and use multiple brains!

  • OpenAI Functions implementation

  • Implemented Tests with Pytest & Vitest

  • Created a Preview environment homepage

Learnings from the Week

Stan - Sensei: We now have a preview environment which reduces bugs in production. Automated tests are key to ship with confidence! Automate database migrations to avoid pain.

Zineb - Chief Dev: FastApi does not like trailing slashes in URLs. It caused us to break production temporarily with a 307 Temporary Redirect. See the issue on FastApi’s GitHub here.

Mamadou - Frontend Wizard: Clean code is more important than comments or docs. Python is not bad and very approachable coming from a Typescript background. Testing and observability are game changers - We know what went wrong without relying on user feedback!

Matt - Backend Dude: Thinking about lowering the barrier to entry for a new contributor. Using Docker rather than native cloud Serverless for example. Also splitting up the project across multiple domains and shipping small features is super important to avoid merge conflicts with many contributors working quickly.

Chloe - Product Maetro: The goodwill of the community is our greatest asset! Contributors share their opinions on the direction of the project and give their time, strength and encouragement. As the core team we must concentrate on communicating and maintaining transparency with regard to goals, decisions and challenges.

Brian - Methodology King: Needed to tweak the lean methodology for open source but we working on bringing in relevant elements. We now have tickets for our sprints in the roadmap and are working on more transparent communication with unknown stakeholders such as the daily-updates channel on Discord.

News from the World of Gen AI

Jump over to Quivr to chat with your second brain for free 🧐 Head to GitHub for the code and give the repo a star ⭐️ while you’re there 🙏