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Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of &

Building with GenAI

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

New features and learnings from the team at Quivr and news from across the exciting world of Generative AI.

Last week at Quivr

  • Last week in Numbers

    • 4 Releases πŸš€

    • 11k users on the demo πŸ‘€

    • 6 contributors this week πŸ™

    • 19.1k stars 🌟

  • New Features and Improvements

    • Implemented Streaming (thanks to Harrison Chase and Nuno Campos for helping us out with it 🀩)

    • Brain management -> Easily share brains and settings.

    • Started migration away from Supabase 😎

Demo: - Source Code: GitHub

Quivr is sponsored by Theodo, Aleios, Padok, Sicara and BAM. Resources are shared by these companies to work on the project. Outside contributions are always welcome and we have a growing network of active contributors.

New OSS Tool Announcement πŸŽ‰

Genoss GPT

One line GPT application portability with the Genoss model gateway. Check out the article we released about Genoss in collaboration with LangChain πŸ™Œ

TL;DR: GenossGPT offers a universal interface for interacting with GPT models, simplifying the task of integrating and switching between models in your GenAI-powered application. It gives businesses control over their model usage, while leveraging LangSmith to provide enhanced observability and analytics in production. πŸ‘€

You can find the code [here] πŸš€

Learnings from the week

  • Stan - Sensei: We tried to be compatible with many different types of LLM from the start. This complicated our backend and resulted in Quivr having a bad UX πŸ˜’ We’ve created a new project called Genoss that takes the complexity away 😜Now we have a simple application that has streaming and is awesome to use.

  • Zineb - Chief Dev: X (Twitter) got people talking about super apps. At Quivr, we have also been exploring creating a simple yet powerful app, a smart virtual assistant in one sleek interface 🦒 Raises some interesting questions: How realistic is it? And how well is this new trend going to be accepted by users? 🀷

  • Mamadou - Frontend Wizard: UX truly matters πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ A great project with poor UX will struggle to achieve the desired reach. Developing a product that evolves constantly is challenging. The architecture should be modular, not only to accommodate new features but also to facilitate the removal of bad ones πŸ˜‡

  • Matt - Backend Dude: A project with no marketing remains a side project and can never reach any critical mass of users to self-sustain 🀩 As a dev, I have always avoided that side of open-source but learning to embrace it has opened up many more, doors πŸšͺ

  • Chloe - Product Maestro: A project is never set in stone with just one version. It's all about staying cutting-edge, sparking debates, embracing feedback, and constantly refining. πŸ™Œ We're on a non-stop journey, not resting on laurels, constantly challenging our own ideas. Together, we'll go the extra mile and unlock extraordinary possibilities πŸ”₯

  • Brian - Methodology King: On holiday 🌴

  • Daniel - Feedback Warrior: On holiday 🌴

Jump over to Quivr to chat with your second brain for free 🧐 Head to GitHub for the code and give the repo a star ⭐️ while you’re there πŸ™

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News from the World of Gen AI

  • πŸ“£ Mckinsey just released The state of AI in 2022β€”and a half decade in review. Super interesting - Load it into your brain and you can chat with it with Quivr as Stan does here.

  • πŸ§ͺ This article by Fabien Zucchet about tackling non deterministic testing with for Generative AI apps is one of the most interesting things I’ve read on the topic. Definitely worth checking out πŸ˜‡

  • πŸ‘€ OpenAI has applied for a trademark for GPT-5, the next version of its large language model. The trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describes GPT-5 as "downloadable computer software" for tasks like natural language processing, text, and speech generation, understanding, and analysis, including translation and transcription.

  • 😬 Meta is gearing up to launch AI-powered chatbots, called "personas," on Facebook and Instagram as soon as next month. How do you feel about this? 🀯

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