Please welcome GDrive & Sharepoint Integrations!

Synchronize the content of your favorite tools into your Quivr brains.

Building with GenAI

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

New features and learnings from the team at Quivr and news from across the exciting world of Generative AI.

Weekly Updates

  • Integrations are here!

    • Sync files and folder from Google Drive and Sharepoint

    • Connect to multiple accounts and build brains with all available knowledge from them

  • New chat interface

    • Enjoy the new design of the chat interface.

    • Take advantage of Quivr's follow up questions.

    • You now have access to the way your brains think through the "thought" icon.

What’s next?

  • RAG improvement

    • Reduction of hallucinations

    • Better source selection

    • Improvement of document reading

  • Possibility to talk to only one knowledge

    • Specify the knowledge you want to talk to

  • If you find a bug, please open an issue on GitHub & we’ll contact you for one month free on Quivr 😘

Demo: - Source Code: GitHub