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Building with GenAI

Challenges, Learnings & a Bit of News from the Builders of

ew features and learnings from the team at Quivr and news from across the exciting world of Generative AI.

Weekly Updates

  • Algorithmic improvement

    • Quivr's answers have become sharper and more reliable, improving user interactions.

  • Onboarding insights

    • Let us understand why you use Quivr

  • User feedback

    • Like or dislike Quivr’s answers to help us improve the product


  • Enjoy the new dark mode!


  • Making Quivr faster for devs

    • 2 times faster to deploy Quivr locally

  • If you find a bug, please open an issue on GitHub & we’ll contact you for one month free on Quivr 😘

Demo: - Source Code: GitHub